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  • Lexon Hobo Watch - Siyah
  • Lexon Hobo Watch - Siyah
  • Lexon Hobo Watch - Siyah
  • Lexon Hobo Watch - Siyah


Lexon Hobo Watch - Siyah



Tüm Alışverişlerde Peşin Fiyatına 4 Taksit
250 TL Üzeri Alışverişlerinizde Kargo Ücretsiz


Ağırlık : 185 g
Renk : silah
Powered by : 2 x M 2695 pil dahil
Ebat (cm) : 42 x 32 mm
Boyut (inç) : 1.65 x 1.26
Malzeme : Alüminyum kasa / kumaş kayış

185 gr

42 x 32 mm


The French company Lexon is famous for its well-designed products that captivate not only with their appearance, but also with their functionality.
The presented watch was designed by a well-known French designer Fellina Sok Cham, who was initially interested in interior design, with time she also dealt with the design of functional items.

The timer proposed by her impresses with its simplicity and Dual Time function. The rectangular watch case is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. An additional advantage of this model is the material belt, which is durable and very comfortable. Splashproof product.

Kod: LM124NX4



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